Book Guns and Knives, Chapter 0
First Aired April 18, 2013
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"Chapter One: The Start"
 Prologue or the Pre-Chapter of A Knife and A GunIt started with a Flash then a Bang, Rachel Collins has Amnesia and don't remembers anything until She fall asleep on her Prison Cell Bed


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Los Angeles County Jail

“Right Side Face” instructed by the Police

I hold the cardboard that written all the information I need, all that I need for awhile I did what the Police told me

“Front” The Police said. I saw their faces closely and firmly. The Police has a black hair and long beard, He would look like a Black-haired Santa Claus, He was with a Photographer who was looking nervous at me and then The Camera flashed my eyes

“So What happened to her?” The Photographer referring to me “Then Left” He said lastly “Murder” Without saying another word,

The Word haunts me as I was accompanied by another Person; I looked at his face and looked away as I saw that He wasn’t him. It was another Police

“Where am I going?”

“To your Cell Block, You’re arrested remember?” He said with a smirk

I walked slowly as I check my surrounding, I notice a Girl who was cradling a Baby doll and trying to feed her milk. She noticed me

“Go Away, You slut” She said disgustingly, I looked at the opposite direction and saw a Overweight Black Girl

“What’s dya looking at, Blondie?” She snapped

I passed other few Prisoners then I realized that my place was at the very last with no one besides myself

“Behave, Ms. Collins” He said and reminded my identity.

“My Name is Rachel Collins” I whispered silently then I closed my eyes

Every Moment with You was a chance to see myself in the Future, Every Moment without You was a Time when a Monster drags me back to Hell

I was sweating crazy as I point the gun to Paul’s new bitch

“Rachel, why are you acting like this?” Paul said

You were my only Hope and now you’re just a dream, I’m losing you every time I see you with that someone else besides me

I opened my eyes “Because I love you and I know We’re gonna live happily ever after if this Monster is gone” I said confidently with all my heart
Gun Scene

“Rachel, We have our chances but This is Ridiculous” I didn’t hesitate at all, I was eyeing Megan, his new girl toy I guess

“Please Rachel” The Girl pleaded; I have her in my trap and on my hands, I could just pull this trigger right now just so Paul will be mine forever

“Leave Me and Paul alone” I said firmly, Girl’s face said that she doesn’t want to but She was too easy to manipulate

“Say It Now!” I shouted as I fired the gun in another direction, Megan shrieked and hold on to Paul tighter, Paul was giving me disappointed face despite the happenings

“I’m gonna leave you and Paul forever” She said quickly

“Well, Bye now” I waved at her as She gave Paul one look but I couldn’t see it

“I’m very disappointed with you, what’s wrong with You?” Paul angered as I sit on the couch like nothing happened

“I’m perfectly fine” I said

“You’re lying and crazy!” He said, snatching the gun from my hand

“Hey! That’s Mine” I tried to get but it never happened

“Where did you get this?” He asked furiously

“I bought it” “Stop Playing Games with Me and Move On already!” He said, leaving me in the Apartment

AFTER 6 DAYS  Wednesday

Paul ignored me for almost one week and I just can’t put myself together just to say Sorry, He started to sleep late which wasn’t normal for him since He’s classes starts at 5:00 Am.

Right Now, He was watching TV with me for the first time since what I did. It was all going fine until a Breaking News popped out of the screen

“Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, A Twenty-One Year Old was found dead at the Wales’s LA Hotel. It was identified to be Megan Moore”

Paul’s face changed as he heard the name and looked at me with Anger

“What’s Wrong, Paul?” I asked calmly

“Sources told us that She works as a Dancer at bar close by” The Reported continued as Pictures of The Megan Moore

“You Killed Her!” He accused

“What Do You Mean?!” I countered

“The Girl who was here last Friday”

“You mean she’s Megan Moore?” I asked dumbfound

“Don’t Act Stupid! You know this, You’re the one who killed her!” He shouted as He’s hand clutch my throat tightly as He slammed me to the wall, I could feel my back crack

“I didn’t” I said chokingly

“How could you?” He said like He’s examining me, I was losing air but My Hand couldn’t remove Paul’s grip

“You’re such a freaking whore” He said, He slammed my head on the wall as I lost my eyesight and everything was moving dizzily

I woke up to lying on my Bed, I looked to check that I’m at my Cell Block. It was only dream or was it a lost memory?

"Hi There, I'm Doctor Jack Addison" a Man in a White Doctor Suit said with Two Other Police Officers and a Nurse