Chapter One: The Start
Book A Knives and A Gun, Chapter 2
First Aired -
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"Chapter Two: Monika"
Chapter One: The Start is the First Episode of A Knife and A GunIt follows Rachel's uncontrolled dream of her past



  • Rachel wakes up in a Hospital while Paul finds the Killer of Megan Moore with The Help of her Older Sister with Her Boyfriend
  • It will be start with a Rachel POV then a Paul POV

Paul La RueEdit

  • Paul becomes more secretive and abusive to Rachel

Rachel CollinsEdit

  • Rachel will be at hospital
  • She will hold a gun again 

Ali Moore and Gal DeeEdit

  • Alison Moore is Megan's Older Sister and Galilee Dee is her Engaged Boyfriend
  • She comfronts Paul and makes a scene at/in his University
  • Ali planned to kill Rachel after Paul tells her that Rachel might be a Suspect

Salar FerminEdit

  • Salar will be Rachel's and Paul's New Neighbor and finds an unconscious Rachel lying on the Floor
  • He knows something about Megan

Emma Brook and Brittany BrookEdit

  • Emma Brook and Her Annoying and Obnoxious Little Sister, Brittany Brook comes to visit Rachel at the Hospital