A Gun and A Knife
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First Aired April 12, 2013
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 A Gun and A Knife also called A Knife and A Gun is a book written by Wanky or Rachel, It was based on Her and Paul's Conversation

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It started with a Girl holding a Gun, Paul and Megan comes to Rachel's and Paul's Apartment and Rachel isn't pleased to see them both

Chapter One: The Brand New YouEdit

Paul have changed ever since The Happenings

Chapter Two: MonikaEdit

Monika Wales, The Wife of Millionaire Ethan Wales, has been murdered 

Chapter Three: Holmes’ DaughterEdit

Ginalyn Holmes had been hired by Ethan to find out who killed Ethan's Wife, Monika

Chapter Four: A Friend in NeedEdit

Emma and her Eighteen Year Old Sister Brittany helps Rachel to investigate Paul's whereabouts

Chapter Five:Edit

Chapter Six: A ClueEdit

Chapter Seven: Edit

Chapter Eight: The InvitationEdit

Ethan invited Rachel for his Mascarade Ball

Chapter Nine: The Wales' Mascarade BallEdit

Chapter Ten: Lover's DeathEdit

Chapter Eleven: PunishmentEdit

Chapter Twelve: TraumatizedEdit